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Brand Naming – 8 important considerations

With so much at stake, it’s not easy naming your baby…try these eight brand naming considerations.

That perfect name is out there waiting to be discovered. A name that will capture the spirit and purpose of your brand, as well as the attention and imagination of your audience. So how do you find it?

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How to write & share a blog that matters

Recently a client asked for some guidelines in creating a blog for their business and true to our own advice we are now sharing that information with you in this blog.  Continue reading…

Who are you really?

25 Questions to define your personal brand.

These 25 questions have been designed to help the reader increase self-awareness so they can bring more meaning and authenticity to their personal brand.

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We are all connected – Myer missed the point

when they defended a social media backlash

Thanks Laurel Papworth for this insightful blog & article in the Australian which inspired this blog.

Myer received a thrashing on social media in early May over the CEO’s negative comments regarding the introduction of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) to better fund services for those in the community with disabilities. Bernie Brooks believed that it would impact discretionary spending, which would be bad for Myer’s business / profits. The reason the backlash was so strong was that it struck a nerve – it pitted commercial imperatives (profits, market share, discretionary spend) with a general feeling in the community that yes, we can do this to support others in the community who are doing it tough. It made Myer seem terribly out of touch, lacking in empathy and generosity. From a brand point of view, this was incredibly poor brand and media management.

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Easy Content Marketing –

Start with customer questions.

We’ve worked with many companies over the past five years to implement effective content marketing strategies – the biggest barrier to implementing this powerful marketing strategy is often something like – oh yes, but I haven’t got time for creating all that content. The truth is you’re creating content in your business every day – every time you answer a customer’s question, respond to an email enquiry, put together a proposal or quote you are drawing on your knowledge of your industry and what works best for a customer in a specific situation.

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Your Word is Your Wand

Our language is a symbol of the way we think.

Words we attach to our reality become our reality.

Language shapes our reality and is literally accepted by our unconscious mind. Our beliefs are formed by words and can be changed by words.

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Being Language Aware

How ‘help’ and ‘need’ can become the four letter words

of disempowerment

Working with many clients who are experts in leadership, change, organisational culture and transformation, I’ve noticed that often their positioning, on the web, in promotional pieces, in advertising and proposal writing includes the words HELP or NEED.

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