explorers and

We believe that organisations have within them all the answers needed to forge exciting futures as long as they’re willing to go exploring…

We explore with you – and light the way.

We tap into the experience and understanding which lies at all levels of your organisation – and with external stakeholders – by conducting in-depth, open and curious conversations.

We are passionate about helping organisations get clear about where they are now, so they can navigate to where they want to be.

We call what we do
Brand Discovery.

What is
Brand Discovery?


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Brand Discovery is not about whether people like your logo or corporate colours. It is a deep dive into what your brand is all about: what it stands for, what it actually delivers to both its customers and staff, whether it inspires, unites and leads. It seeks to answer the following questions about your brand:

  • Who are you?
  • Who do you say you are?
  • What do others say that you are?
  • What do you want to continue becoming?

To bring these answers to light we have evolved a 5-step process which uses a diverse range of research methodology and tools. We use both qualitative and quantitative data to generate a thorough analysis into your brand so that your organization knows exactly what’s working, what’s not and where the opportunities for the future lie.

We evaluate internal stakeholders and external audience perceptions against the brand image and existing communications and layer it with competitor and broader market analysis.

Ultimately the intelligence that a Brand Discovery process elicits is designed to give organisations a clear-eyed view on where they stand. It gives them information about their business, their industry and the customers they want to serve. It is an essential step in ensuring your brand strategy is aligned to your business strategy and goals.

It clarifies purpose, defines direction, and allows your organisation to deliver on its brand promise.

Listening with openness and curiosity.

We are experienced facilitators who know how to listen and hold space so that people feel comfortable expressing themselves fully and freely. This allows us to draw out valuable information which has often been left unseen and unheard.

Quantitative data gathering.

In addition to the in-depth conversations which lie at the heart of our approach, we also offer a number of quantitative data gathering tools to supplement the intelligence we uncover in our interviews.

Together, the data we generate shows whether there are gaps in brand alignment, both internally and in how the market perceives you, so you can develop your strategic goals with confidence.


We layer the information we have uncovered from your organization against wider market and societal trends in a sensemaking exercise and evaluate if there are any subtle previously unacknowledged forces at play which should be considered.

The information and data points generated from our various approaches are designed to provide you with the intelligence necessary to create a roadmap to future growth and success.

We’re on your team.

Brand exploration can sometimes feel difficult – many organisations can be fearful about what they might hear – but those willing to be bold and brave enough to take on the journey may also be surprised with intel that delights. They will certainly gain hugely valuable information generated as it is by the system, for the system.

Throughout the process we are on your team. We genuinely care about the outcome, we think deeply about the data that arises. We never seek to impose our ideas on you, instead we co-create together with you to find imaginative pathways and solutions.

We walk every step of the way to illuminate ‘what is’ and light the way to what is possible.