Getting personal – How knowing customers well makes your business viable…

So here is the thing – I buy 1 coffee every day, takeaway.  It’s my treat. I buy it from the same café everyday, even though there are 3 great cafes within arms reach of each other. I buy it there not only because I like their coffee but because I like the fact that they know me.  They know what I like. They make it when I walk in without asking, even when there is a queue.  If I walk in with a friend, they will make eye contact and ask if I am having my usual or am I staying today. They know my kids names. They give them a marshmallow.

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Being Language Aware

How ‘help’ and ‘need’ can become the four letter words of disempowerment

Working with many clients who are experts in leadership, change, organisational culture and transformation, I’ve noticed that often their positioning, on the web, in promotional pieces, in advertising and proposal writing includes the words HELP or NEED.

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