Vegemite: a lesson in brand story chutzpah!

How’s this for a perfect example of a brand connecting with and celebrating a bigger story.

Down under, we celebrate Australia Day on January 26 with a national holiday. This year, I was eating breakfast and doing a bit of lazy jar reading (as you do!) when I noticed this message on the Vegemite label. (For the uninitiated, Vegemite is an iconic Australian breakfast spread).

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Why are Australians spending in Zara and TopShop yet not with our local brands?

Online shopping is not the only reason our local brands are challenged.

Shopping in ZaraDecember 2011 was the opening of the first Topshop premises in Melbourne.  Hundreds of people waited in line, in the unpredictable Melbourne weather – some for over 17 hours, just to be first into the new Chapel Street store.  For their trouble the first 20 die-hard shoppers were awarded with a $100 voucher to be spent in Topshop.

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Surrendering to change

When I was working for a multinational automotive manufacturer in 1998 I attended a seminar where I heard one of my favourite quotes – the only certainty is the constant surrender to change…

For me, this was a profound shift from my tendency to view change as disruptive and getting in the way for things that needed to be done. This notion of surrendering to change was foreign – yet there was something appealing about it. At the time we were headed towards the uncertainty of Y2K where possibly our entire financial and technological platform would fall over. During the first decade of the twenty first century I had the sense that the speed of things shifting and changing was increasing. So it is interesting to see the number of books, programs and articles devoted to the increasing rapidity of change that have been published in the last few years – something is going on.

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