5 things to consider before agreeing to a free gig

Process for leveraging your non paid (free!) presentation or keynote

Experts, innovators, entrepreneurs and speakers receive endless requests to provide a free talk or presentation. From local networking forums to high profile charity events and conference promoters, the call goes out to raise your brand profile by providing your knowledge and expertise at no charge.

While I have no doubt that you would be of amazing value and interest to their audience, you need to consider the benefit to your business:

1. Can you combine the trip with some other paying work?
Or will they pay your costs to be there?
Can you attend the rest of the conference if you want to?

2. Who is the audience exactly – who are the paying attendees, what level in the organisation / roles etc?

Will this audience have the interest and/or authority (budget) to book you for paying gigs? Or other work/consulting, etc?

3. Does it deliver paid work opportunities – one way you can find this out is by talking to people who presented at the same or a similar forum previously. The organisers should be able to give you contact details of a couple of previous presenters (or you may be able to work out who it was if the online promotion still exists and follow them up yourself).

4. Structure your presentation, keynote or workshop as a ‘taster’ – so the audience feels they’d love to learn more – definitely give away value in your presentation and as you are giving away a free sample and you need to have a call to action or offer that people take up on the day or within a short window of time.

5. Leads, database and follow-up – make sure that you have a process and system in place to follow up the leads in a way that is meaningful to those who are interested. Will you be supplied a list of all delegates with contact details?

Written by Fiona Pearman


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