The Brand Illumination team


Heidi Todd

Heidi is the Head of Brand Illumination. She is passionate about the importance of taking deep dives into all the elements that make up an organisation’s brand – internally and externally – and uncovering the previously unheard and unseen influences that can impact on its future potential.

She easily creates rapport and strong working relationships with clients, their stakeholders and colleagues. Heidi’s interest lies in the way humans interact, what they really want from a particular service or product and how to communicate with them in a way that feels meaningful and authentic.

Heidi has had extensive marketing, communications, PR, media and research experience across a range of industries. She has worked with many professional services firms, including PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Grant Thornton, Holman, Fenwick & Willan and leading London law firm Linklaters in both in-house and consulting roles.

Working for a range of clients across many industries, Heidi’s talents include accessing creative insights, design and directions of projects such as stakeholder engagement initiatives, facilitating conversations and focus groups, analysing and synthesising findings, interviewing and writing content and reports that provide depth and clarity.

Fiona Pearman

Fiona was the original founder of Brand Illumination and continues to be involved as a valued consultant. Fiona is known for her ability to listen intently, synthesising numerous viewpoints and inputs and connecting the dots that allow clarity to emerge. Her work in strategic consulting, brand insights and culture transformation is well regarded; she brings a combination of sensitivity and commercial nous to each assignment and will speak up in the best interests of the organisations she works with, even when that requires having conversations that reveal uncomfortable truths.

Fiona is the co-author of Core Confidence, a book which resulted from her work over the past 15 years working on culture and leadership in organisations which led her to examine the on-going inhibitors to female progression and the lack of female leaders at senior levels. With coauthor, Kate Boorer, Fiona founded Pearman and Partners, a consultancy that is dedicated to creating inclusive workplaces that are future ready.

Lisa Silva

Lisa is a Presentation Designer – a creative at heart – who combines her technological knowledge, industry experience and design flair to transform traditional content into visually engaging presentations and professionally streamlined documentation.

Lisa is a perceptive listener, with an ability to represent complicated ideas in beautiful, simple and engaging forms and has consulted with Brand Illumination on various projects, providing diversity and personal attention to their clients’ needs.

Lisa has a strong background in scientific research, analysis, reporting and management from her work in Environmental Consulting and a degree in Advanced Science. This experience enables her to demonstrate strong attention to detail, resourcefulness, problem solving, project management and delivering her services in a timely and communicative manner.

Moya Sayer-Jones

Moya is Head of Only Human Stories, our collaborative partner.

Moya is motivated by her relentless belief in the power of story, to work creatively with organisations who are doing great things. In her not-so-distant past, Moya was well-known as a novelist, columnist, performer and filmmaker. These days, she is focused on helping other people’s stories be heard, reminding us that it’s our stories that keep us human.

She works with both NGOs and government organisations to ignite the power of story to make a bigger difference in what organisations do and how they do it.

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