Core Confidence

Confidence can be an elusive commodity – especially in the business world. Women today are part of a generation of girls who were brought up to believe that they could be, and do, whatever they wanted. Visit the Core Confidence Website


Pearman and Partners

We bring a focused commercial flair to all our projects – with deep experience across strategy, finance, engagement, brand, leadership & culture. Our experience, personal journeys and ongoing research has informed and led us to our portfolios of consulting work.

Our ability to facilitate new levels of understanding and insight cuts through the platitudes and pandering that sometimes characterise consultant-client relationships. Visit the Pearman & Partners Website



Acumen Global Partners

Acumen Global Partners focuses on strategic alignment through building leadership capacity to model and lead organisational change. Acumen brings a whole system perspective whilst collaboratively working alongside you in response to current challenges and opportunities.Working extensively with executive teams, Acumen has found that a critical lever for organisational change and cultural transformation is the development of the leaders themselves – paying attention to their inner and outer game.Acumen operates in real time, working with the whole system (executive team, senior leaders, team leaders and other stakeholders) developing leaders who have the capacity to deliver on the organisation’s desired outcomes. Acumen’s role is to facilitate the learning of the leaders of the organisation – ultimately for the realisation of their potential and to the direct benefit of the business.Acumen meets leaders at their learning edge with a flexible approach. Each leader’s journey becomes a unique story in and of itself.

Acumen’s consultants have a rare capacity for creating high levels of personal trust and safety. This is achieved in both group and individual forums, which enables courageous conversations and fosters individual openness to grow and learn. Consistent outcomes for this approach include accessing the group’s collective intelligence, avoiding groupthink and harnessing the not so obvious points of leverage. Visit the Acumen Global Website


Young Professional Women Australia (YPWA)

YPWA was established as a peer-to-peer networking community for like-minded professional women under the age of 40 in 2012. Founded and led by Kate Boorer, a Chartered Accountant who recognised the importance of creating forums where young professional women can connect, collaborate, share knowledge and mentor each other as they pursue their career goals in the corporate sector. Through organic growth the community has grown to to over 1500 members in the LinkedIn Community and has seen over 1000 attendees at hosted events since it was established in late 2012.

Fiona Pearman (founder of Brand Illumination) and Kate Boorer (founder of YPWA) collaborate on a range of projects including research, workshops and coaching around confidence, personal brand and gender diversity in the workplace. Fiona is also on the Advisory Board for YPWA and Kate is the CEO. Visit the YPWA Website