Being your brand – continually creating the magic

Many organisations cite their employees as their most important asset. Most businesses know that to deliver the brand purpose at every touch-point, their people need to be inspired to make that happen. And it can’t be half-hearted or only happen sometimes – they need to be inspired to continually deliver on the brand purpose, day in and day out.

No amount of training, HR policies, carrot or stick approaches to incentives or punishments will accomplish this consistent delivery of the brand purpose. The only way to do this is to create, support and maintain a Brand Culture where people personally WANT TO show up and BE the brand.

Having recently visited Disneyland, it was amazing to note how so many of the employees really cared that the “guests” had a truly remarkable experience. From the ticket sellers, to security personnel, food vendors and street performers these people were making the magic of Disney come alive for thousands of people each and every day.

Disney 3211

It felt as though there was a certain type of “Disney Person” who was personally involved with and really understood their role in bringing the Disney brand to life. Ultimately it’s about fit – are your people really turned on by what the organisation does? Do they really care that customers are having the brand experience that is talked about and positioned in all your communications from the website, to advertising and promotions?

Whenever an employee is “just doing a job” there is a high risk that the customer experience will be a long way from delivering the brand purpose.

Written By Fiona Pearman


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