Benefits and outcomes

The light at the end of the tunnel

And at the end of this fearless journey what can you expect to gain? The results each organisation can expect to receive will to some extent vary according to the scope and brief of the project. However, there are some universal truths common to all our engagements:

Deeper connections

You will walk away with deeper and richer connections to the people who matter most to your business: your stakeholders. Research shows that being consulted, listened to and heard is a vital element in generating and maintaining brand loyalty. We present back to you what your stakeholders tell us they most want from you and then work with you to develop imaginative, thoughtful responses.

Insights to determine business priorities and appropriate allocation of resources

Once you understand what customers are thinking and what matters to them, you can then make important strategic decisions about the direction of the business and where it’s focused: who it serves and how it serves them. The more clarity you have about the experience or specific pain points of your customers, the easier it is to make good quality decisions about what your priorities should be.

Intel for an internal culture which can deliver on brand and purpose

Making the time and space available to really hear what’s going on internally will reap multiple dividends. If you chose to extend your Brand Discovery Project to include an analysis of staff engagement and a close look at the state of play internally you can expect:

  • improved customer service: your customers will be much better supported by fulfilled employees who feel listened to and as a result are more likely to refer and recommend your services;
  • risk management: the use of external consultants offers a safe space for internal personnel to share intel that could be important to the safe functioning of your organisation;
  • a funnel for internal innovation: the opportunity to draw out ideas and insights for improvements, cost-savings or efficiency from unheard voices;
  • greater staff retention: reducing the cost of training and onboarding. Personnel who feel they’re being listened to and looked after have a greater sense of loyalty and don’t move as readily;
  • better staff attraction: there’s a buzz and a hum to an organisation where employees feel engaged; it quickly becomes clear which organisations people want to work at and be a part of, not least because your own employees will recommend your organisation as a great place to work.

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