We love a good conversation. We love the way a good conversation can connect people. And we love the way a good conversation can lead us to new understanding and unimagined places.

In essence, a brand is an ongoing conversation between a company, its stakeholders and the broader public. By actively engaging in that conversation, you will discover a rich resource for auditing, enriching and strengthening your brand.

We facilitate honest, intuitive conversations with the people connected to your business – executives, employees, board members, customers, partners. Together we tease out the intangible and the unknown, the underlying attitudes and behaviours shaping your brand.

How do we facilitate positive, revealing, rewarding conversations?

It is mostly in the way we show up – we let go of distractions, we put aside bias and we attend fully to the conversation.

ConversationsWhen we are truly present with people, something opens in them, they drop into a place where they can share things they didn’t even know were there.

  • We create an environment of curiosity and respect.
  • We encourage people to let go of presumptions and be open to the unexpected.
  • We speak plainly, avoiding jargon or mystique.
  • We ask discerning, lateral, open ended questions.
  • We get very comfortable with the uncomfortable, helping people to sit with and work through the tricky stuff.
  • We reflect on what unfolds, shining a light on your brilliance and your vulnerabilities, and showing how they can work together as part of a unique and genuine brand.