Brand Naming – 8 important considerations

With so much at stake, it’s not easy naming your baby…try these eight brand naming considerations.

That perfect name is out there waiting to be discovered. A name that will capture the spirit and purpose of your brand, as well as the attention and imagination of your audience. So how do you find it?

  1. Make it memorable – a name that catches the ear and the imagination so it’s easy for people to remember when they search for you.
  2. Resonant – a name that makes sense, rings true to your brand and means something to your audience. For example Knewton, an online learning platform, a made up word that references knowledge & famous scientist Isaac Newton.
  3. Be different – being unusual or unexpected in your industry can create cut-through & memorability.
  4. Be prepared to break rules – often names that catch attention are unconventional, even a bit scary. Stay with the fear until you’ve really looked at how the name might work for you.
  5. Tell a story – what words will draw your audience and make them curious to know more? LEGO in its company of origin, Denmark, means ‘play well’.
  6. Think about positioning – what do you want to be known for? How can you explain that in simple, easy to remember terms? Amazon, like the large river, was named with a vision– originally the biggest online book store
  7. Consider the communication hierarchy – if the name is not absolutely clear, then the tagline has to clearly convey what the product is about.
  8. Be creative, adventurous and determined – it’s a process of tossing around a lot of names, creating new words and exploring different ideas. Keep at it until you have the name that really works for your brand. Skype was originally Skye-Peer-to-Peer, then Skyper and finally Skype.

Once you find a great name, check:

  • That you can purchase the domain name you want – in a global world preferably .com or .org or .net (you may also want to get the country address if you particularly operate in one country)
  • That the acronym doesn’t have any baggage or other associations
  • That it sounds good when said out loud
  • It’s not offensive when translated

Be curious, open to exploring and creating, and see what emerges. Like all creative processes, brand naming benefits from allowing some space for the sub-conscious to work on it. We recommend a collaborative creative session, some sorting and segmenting and then a rest period, where all those involved go about other activities including some relaxation time. It’s amazing what emerges in those spaces, once the brain has a chance to ruminate and make connections.

Make sure you keep a record of the brand naming process – the thoughts, ideas and words that come up along the way can be put to good use later in your content strategy.

The ideal name is within your reach. If you would like some support with the process – someone to facilitate a creative brand naming process please contact us

Written by Fiona Pearman & Kylie Hemsworth












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