Surrendering to change

February 1st, 2012 by

When I was working for a multinational automotive manufacturer in 1998 I attended a seminar where I heard one of my favourite quotes – the only certainty is the constant surrender to change…

For me, this was a profound shift from my tendency to view change as disruptive and getting in the way for things that needed to be done. This notion of surrendering to change was foreign – yet there was something appealing about it. At the time we were headed towards the uncertainty of Y2K where possibly our entire financial and technological platform would fall over. During the first decade of the twenty first century I had the sense that the speed of things shifting and changing was increasing. So it is interesting to see the number of books, programs and articles devoted to the increasing rapidity of change that have been published in the last few years – something is going on.


A New Understanding of Courage

December 7th, 2011 by

When I think of courage in the context of leadership, I’m aware of a shifting groundswell of an evolution in emerging leaders. A growing number of people waking up to a fresh understanding around what leadership is and what it requires of them. A realisation that leadership comes from a strong and powerfully intimate connection to within. Self-leadership which spans not only how a person shows up in a work environment but across their whole life because it is who they are being, not any longer a role they play.


Being Language Aware

November 14th, 2011 by

How ‘help’ and ‘need’ can become the four letter words of disempowerment

Working with many clients who are experts in leadership, change, organisational culture and transformation, I’ve noticed that often their positioning, on the web, in promotional pieces, in advertising and proposal writing includes the words HELP or NEED.