What do your employees really want in 2022 and beyond?

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What will make your workplace the best for attraction, retention and engagement of top talent as we navigate a post-Covid world?

Covid-19 has dramatically changed the way we’ve worked over the last two years. Whilst working from home has become an accepted norm, some employees have found it potentially stressful:  juggling work with parenthood, sharing small living spaces and, for some, experiencing significant feelings of isolation. Yet despite these challenges, will your employees ever want to go back to the office full time? What would the optimum office/home balance be for your people?

‘The Great Resignation’ has indicated that there has been a profound shift in people’s attitudes to work. People appear to be less willing to work long hours on the back of lengthy commutes and are now more acutely aware of the stress this has placed on them. Many have reconnected with the importance of spending time with family and wish to maintain a better work/life balance moving forward. Many felt disenfranchised and forgotten by their managers during those long lockdown weeks.

There are many variables which can affect how employees will feel about the return to office-based working – for example, the culture and leadership in your organisation both before and during the pandemic will dramatically influence your employees’ responses now.

Where is your sweet spot?

Getting accurate information on current sentiment allows organisations to plan effectively – both in terms of maintaining team cohesiveness, managing employee support and mentoring, as well as the practical question of how much office space will be required going forward.

Some organisations have already made dramatic changes – take Atlassian, for example. They have implemented a “Team Anywhere” policy which will allow their 5,700 staff around the world to work from any location in a country where Atlassian has a corporate entity, where they have the legal right to work and where the time zone they are in is broadly aligned with that of their team members. The company will only require staff to travel to their nearest office about four times a year to attend team-building type conferences.

But where will the sweet spot lie for your people and your organisation?

Build a picture of what your employees really need and want moving forward

Our Employee Wellbeing and Engagement Audit is designed to give you an in-depth and unique picture of the sentiment in your business. It combines conventional survey data-gathering with targeted one-to-one interviews and focus groups across all levels of your organisation, layering both quantitative and qualitative data to build a picture of what your employees need and want moving forward.

There is an opportunity for forward-looking organisations to drive the conversation and create a workplace which is responsive to employee needs, to really hear the deeper truths that have emerged during this time. The results will allow you to design and leverage for a future that harnesses people’s strengths, fuels their intrinsic motivation and demonstrates your care and concern for their longer term wellbeing. This in turn can provide a springboard into a more flexible and agile approach to business reaping benefits both in employee attraction and retention as well as improved productivity and CRM.

If you don’t know what your employees are thinking and saying, you risk losing some of your best talent simply because they were not heard.

It’s time to start listening.

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Fiona brings a lot to the table. She has strong conceptual skills and is able to identify the critical issues in a mass of data.

Gisele Gambi, Director