Choice & Commitment – The power within us all…

A businessman declares love for his job.

Two years ago a friend was tired of working in accounts. Carolyn loved training and running and she mentioned that there was an online personal training course she was interested in doing. But would she get any work? How would she fit it in with the family? Could she afford to pay for something with no guarantee of a return?

All questions from the head, which loves to know and figure stuff out…yet her heart had already chosen. I said I felt if she followed her heart that it would all work out, the money would come and she would be loving instead of resenting her work. She rang the next day to say she’d done it – resigned and signed up for the course. Carolyn’s actions demonstrated commitment to her heart’s choice and from there things started to flow…the course was challenging at times, even though she loved the learning, there was a lot to know and remember. She was student again with uncertainty about future employment. Yet she was determined to steadfastly work towards being a great personal trainer.


Fast forward two years and Carolyn is a qualified personal trainer, regularly works 15- 24 hours in a local personal training studio – loving her work  with people who are choosing health. And every Tues morning a bunch of mums from school and I have a rigorous workout facilitated by Carolyn. She puts her heart and soul into the workouts she designs for us and constantly encourages us to push ourselves beyond our self conceived limitations. Last Tuesday I was enjoying the class and thought – here she is working out with a bunch of great people, earning money from what she loves – and not just one or two people –  a small group. It brought home to me how much power we have to realise our dreams – if only we’d listen to our hearts more often, let go of having to know the outcome and trust that when we put the time and effort into something we love we will create what we desire.


We humans are so powerful – why do we every doubt ourselves?!


Written by Fiona Pearman


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