BI-NEW-icon-workOur work is most clearly demonstrated through our clients and the results they have experienced in their commitment and participation of creative processes, workshops, mentoring / coaching, facilitation, research, training and all channels and forms of communication. Our work is not to solve or fix perceived issues and problems, rather we provide insights, support and a safe vessel, for clients to constructively address what is not working  – we actively collaborate and co-create with clients, and find this process provides faster take up of ideas and greater internal ownership. Our aim is to build internal skills and awareness so that your organisation and brand is continually enhanced in working with us.

Fiona Pearman and the team at Brand Illumination have had the privilege of working with a huge variety of organisations, since the practice was established in 2005. Whether your organisation is a large corporate, NFP, government department, start-up or medium sized enterprise, we have contributed to all these types of organisations achieving their brand leadership goals.