Clive Price, Director, Unifam

“I want to formally and enthusiastically thank you for your wonderful support hard work and creative ideas for the Anchor. The beautiful words, ideas, graphics and the detailed Communications Plan will make an enormous difference to our ability to reach so many children who are caught up in the middle of their families’ pain and distress. And to help them when they need it most.

The work is only just beginning as we use the plan as a blueprint for the programs’ growth and reach.  I look forward to engaging you all at some later stage as we build on the ideas and images you have brought to life for us.”


Kim McGuinness, Owner, Mentor Central

“Fiona brings to the table a ‘knowing’ that is simply priceless. Whether creating a brand or marketing an existing one, she has an innate ability to see your brand for what it truly is and provides such a clear perspective that marketing it seems to be the most simple task in the world. It is amazing the results you see once you are clear on your direction and on purpose. Fiona gently guides you to be in that space. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Brigitte Fudge, Director, Peter Fudge Gardens

“We have had a wonderful experience with Brand Illumination as we clarified our brand strategy and social media direction. Fiona was brilliant in her warmth and understanding of our company, uniting our team and helping us set in place tools to move forward cohesively. Fiona and Kellie’s input with our social media strategy brought so many ideas and the fact they gave in house training means we can pursue our digital marketing in house, touching base with them as needed.”


David Penglase, Director Sales Coach Central

“The brand management work that Fiona Pearman from Brand Illumination has and continues to undertake with us has been a key to our success and growth over the past 5 years. Fiona’s ability to help us clarify our brand and sub-brands, has led us to create deeper value points of contact and delivery with and for our clients. Fiona is without doubt one of Australia’s leading experts on brand management and I have highly recommended her in the past to my colleagues and clients, and without exception, Fiona has ‘wowed them’ with the results they have achieved.”

Rosemary Grieve, Rosemary Grieve & Associates

“Fiona brings a lot to the table.  She has strong conceptual skills and is able to identify the critical issues in a mass of data.  She is knowledgeable about brand differentiation and provides clear advice on how best to position and build a brand.  She communicates well both verbally, and in written form, and demonstrates an excellent understanding of the needs of the target audience. I found Fiona to be easy to deal with, and yet, able to advance my thinking in each interaction we had. She has a unique blend of being sensitive to her client’s competing demands while being steadfast in delivering outcomes.”

Rosemary Grieve is a coach of executive directors and board reviewer for top 50 companies and large government agencies.


Gisele Gambi, Director,

“Fiona creates a space for her clients to discover the essence of who they are and what they deliver. Rather than giving ‘off the shelf’ facilitation and solutions, she elegantly and powerfully facilitates the client to understand and own their brand authenticity from a heart-connected, purposeful place. Fiona is a master facilitator and we would not be where we are today without her support over the last few years.”