Competitive Analysis – Researching your business landscape

competitive analysisAs each brand is unique, we rarely use the term ‘competitive analysis’ – we prefer to talk about having knowledge of the business environment you operate in. To be a brand leader in your industry or with your target audience, it’s important to have an up to date understanding of what else exists, how they may be contributing to the industry, what they are doing and not doing. We then encourage clients to let this information inform their brand strategy and positioning, although we’d argue that it cannot be the driver.

You probably have a strong intuitive sense of who the key players are in your industry and those that pitch to a similar audience at a particular price-band. By starting with that intuitive knowledge, a well thought through research approach includes those ideas and takes them much deeper. Highly adept researchers are able to draw out data and insights that are not readily accessible on the surface; it’s this deeper layer where we find the surprising connections that support your brand in articulating the story of your difference and value.

Working collaboratively with you, we are interested in creating an analysis that provides useful data to support your strategic intent, your decision-making and your brand leadership aspirations. We find that the information presented in a reader-friendly manner is often a potent tool for organisations as they consider what will work best for the brand in the current operating environment.

The outcomes and benefits of a comprehensive approach to the environment you operate in, include:

  • Informed data to define market niche and brand positioning
  • Ranking Research – determine how competitors are ranking for desirable and relevant keywords
  • Keyword Research – determine what keywords are being used
  • Social Media Research – knowing who is participating, which channels, and how engaging this is within the community
  • Link Counts – how many links each competitor has on site. Search Engines are robots that follow links and rank them highly
  • Link Strategy –  discovering if there are more opportunities for links into and out from site. Search engines reward authentic links
  • Directory & Listing Ideas – Search engines reward links from social media, social bookmarking, aggregate sites and large companies such as news companies and directories
  • Content Ideas – the process reveals new content types and content themes
  • Co Branding and YouTube collaboration opportunities – YouTube creators and active social media leaders can be attractive partners for brands where there is strong ‘brand-fit’
  • Identify points of difference for your brand in SEO markers and in product and content delivery

For more information on how we we can work with you to leverage insights from a competitor analysis process, please book a conversation with one of our consultants via email

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