Details are important. They are part of overall mastery.

iStock_000019677014MedMy son recently broke a toe, not a major event unless you’re a serious dancer – which he is. In the rehabilitation process we’ve been supported by some fantastic mainstream and complementary medical practitioners, including the ballet physio.


This woman was a dancer, she knows all the intricacies of what dancers need to be able to do to achieve the poise and technique that looks so beautiful on stage. As we worked on exercises to ensure that Tom maintained fitness and flexibility while his toe recovered it became clear that one little tiny ligament underneath the broken toe had lost its memory of how to scrunch back towards the foot. This tiny little muscle is essential to being able to successfully launch and land jumps. It was amazing to realise that this one tiny ligament could easily be damaged if it wasn’t attended to and then there would be further injury and more missing of dance time, competitions and exam preparation.


It made me think how easy it would be to overlook such a little detail in anything we are doing – creating a campaign, communicating about the brand with internal or external stakeholders, fine tuning our revenue or business model and somehow we overlook a tiny, yet significant detail that undermines the effectiveness of the whole project. I often hear creative people say (and I sometimes say myself), “I’m not good at the detail”. Yet the truth is for all of us as masters of our craft, it is important to be aware of the detail and to honour its importance…by avoiding responsibility for the detail we may be denying some small, yet essential piece that contributes to the whole.

Next time you (or I!) consider cutting a corner, deciding something little doesn’t matter or simply thinking it’s just little details, let’s take a moment longer to consider how all the little details add up to a total experience that is greater than the individual parts. If we want our brands to be leaders in their field, and are we prepared to compromise that?


Written by Fiona Pearman 


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