Easy Content Marketing – start with customer questions.

We’ve worked with many companies over the past five years to implement effective content marketing strategies – the biggest barrier to implementing this powerful marketing strategy is often something like – oh yes, but I haven’t got time for creating all that content. The truth is you’re creating content in your business every day – every time you answer a customer’s question, respond to an email enquiry, put together a proposal or quote you are drawing on your knowledge of your industry and what works best for a customer in a specific situation.

See, we all know more than we think we know about what our industry and area of expertise – we don’t often capture that knowledge or leverage it to provide information for people who are searching for answers to questions that you may know a lot about. Each question comes from an interest to know more and to potentially purchase a product or service, so having content that specifically answers questions customers are likely to ask on their decision journey, enables you to connect directly with people who are at a point in the buying cycle.

By responding to questions you are naturally creating good quality organic content that is relevant to your target market. Many websites are full of information about what the business does – we want you to know how great we are; yet the potential customer is more interested in how will it work for me? By framing the content through the lens of questions there is a sense of familiarity – hey, you know what my problems are and you’ve been kind enough to share how you would address that. This knowledge empowers the potential customer – they feel as though they are in a better position to have a quality conversation, because their knowledge base has been expanded.

One of our clients, the Centre for Corporate Health, has been regularly releasing in depth articles and research, blogging and posting tweets and LinkedIn updates for two years. We have been continually surprised at the quality of enquiry and sales that have started through someone finding information they were looking for from the content CFCH has shared online. In addition, several large publications, news and media outlets reprint articles and write new articles based on their information and research. All of these are linked back to the home site. When we consider new ideas for articles and content we reflect on what questions do potential clients ask – What matters to them most? What are they concerned about? What are the barriers to purchasing? We combine this with a knowledge of trends and industry issues and develop content that resonates with their questions.

Most businesses, in the early stage of the buying cycle, answer a lot of questions as potential customers get comfortable with the idea of spending money on a product or service – every question they ask is a potential piece of content marketing. Some will be longer than others, some may need visual support, flow charts, technical specs etc to explain the answer – experiment with what works for your business. Over time, by analysing your digital metrics, it will become evident which areas of content have greater interest and resonance with your target audience.

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Written By Fiona Pearman


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