We have had a wonderful experience with Brand Illumination as we clarified our brand strategy and social media direction.

Brigitte Fudge, Director, Peter Fudge Gardens

Who are you really?

25 Questions to define your personal brand

These 25 questions have been designed to help the reader increase self-awareness so they can bring more meaning and authenticity to their personal brand.

img-Who-are-youYour brand already exists; it is in how you think about yourself and the world, and how you interact with everyone around you. It is what people feel about you. It determines whether people want to engage with you and recommend you to others. Your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

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Kyle Sandilands furore says more about consumers than advertisers

The notion of commercial or celebrity brands having any relevance or impact on the reality and integrity of who I really am, seems at first glance superficial and somewhat off-putting…however I contend that our brand interactions everyday reveal a deeper layer of what our values truly are…

kyle-sandilandsThere has been much comment, controversy and drama around Kyle Sandilands’ comments about a person who dared to negatively review his new TV program.

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Fiona brings a lot to the table. She has strong conceptual skills and is able to identify the critical issues in a mass of data.

Rosemary Grieve, Rosemary Grieve & Associates

Co-branding done well – Neil Finn & Paul Kelly

I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard Paul Kelly singing with Neil Finn an old Crowded House song Into Temptation – as a Crowded House fan,  it was a familiar tune, yet now somehow enhanced with Paul Kelly’s voice. These two major stars (& brands) of the Australian and NZ music scene had a lot of fun mixing it up with each other’s well known music – a truly rich co-branding exercise. Not surprisingly they’re releasing a boxed CD & DVD set. If you’re a fan of either it’s worth taking a look at their collaboration onstage via YouTube

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Employee Engagement by Design Not Default

Guest Blog – Kate Boorer

Thanks Kate for this blog on how organisations can evolve their thinking and management of employee engagement. Most brands rely on their employees to be enthused, professional and to deliver on their organisation’s brand promise. Engaged employees create better workplaces, are more productive, share the brand love and create great brand experiences for customers and other stakeholders.

Kate’s Nine-Step Engagement Ladder is a great framework for organisations who are under leveraging the potential of their people.

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Fiona brings a lot to the table. She has strong conceptual skills and is able to identify the critical issues in a mass of data.

Gisele Gambi, Director

Harley Davidson & BMW – Less Reliable & More Loved (Motor Cycles)

harley davidsonMy husband is a biking enthusiast – he got his mid-life crisis motorcycle license 5 years ago, and is on to his 4th motorbike – each one larger and more powerful than the one before. This year he graduated to a Harley – and he loves it. He loves getting online and checking out motorcycling gear, he likes the forums and the tips for great roads to ride. The other day he came across this article – it’s a very powerful statement about the impact of brands and how our emotional attachments can completely override rational, common sense. There’s a huge amount that’s been written about the brand resurgence of Harley Davidson

The upshot from a recent survey showed that Japanese built motorcycles are far more reliable than Harley Davidson’s or BMW – and even though the owners know this – They Don’t Care!

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What’s Really Stopping Great Work from Being Done?

Attention and Focus – undiluted, absolute staying with an issue, challenge or piece of creative work you’ve promised yourself to complete. I’m amazed at the way my mind will work so adeptly to distract and dissuade me from completing the piece of work in front of me. Even now as I write this blog, I’m aware of the endless To Do lists, the half written emails, the documents requiring review, the writing to be done for clients.

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We are all connected – Myer missed the point when they defended a social media backlash

MyerThanks Laurel Papworth for this insightful blog & article in the Australian which inspired this blog.

Myer received a thrashing on social media in early May over the CEO’s negative comments regarding the introduction of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) to better fund services for those in the community with disabilities. Bernie Brooks believed that it would impact discretionary spending, which would be bad for Myer’s business / profits.

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