Being Language Aware

How ‘help’ and ‘need’ can become the four letter words of disempowerment

Working with many clients who are experts in leadership, change, organisational culture and transformation, I’ve noticed that often their positioning, on the web, in promotional pieces, in advertising and proposal writing includes the words HELP or NEED.

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Rebuilding brand trust

How being vulnerable and admitting mistakes restores brand credibility
surrendering to changeEveryone makes mistakes. All businesses make mistakes. Failing is part of the human condition and yet in business life a lot of energy is spent avoiding admitting our failures. Whether it’s defensively justifying actions or processes that went awry or blaming someone else, another company or an external event, glossing over the truth of what went wrong is the prevalent culture in many organisations.

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Trusting the process

Recently I’ve been taking notice of the rhythms of my business. I’m fortunate to have a lovely harmony between paid work and all my other roles – mum, wife, home manager, friend, avid book reader etc. Sometimes it feels like there’s too much work and almost immediately one or other project will push a deadline out or postpone a session for a week or two. When I let go of trying to work it all out, the Universe seems to arrange things perfectly, creating space where needed.

As the business expands I’m able to attract in and collaborate with talented people who compliment my own skills. I’m learning to trust this process, rather than over analyse or try to plan it all out.

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Being your brand – continually creating the magic

Many organisations cite their employees as their most important asset. Most businesses know that to deliver the brand purpose at every touch-point, their people need to be inspired to make that happen. And it can’t be half-hearted or only happen sometimes – they need to be inspired to continually deliver on the brand purpose, day in and day out.

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5 things to consider before agreeing to a free gig

Process for leveraging your non paid (free!) presentation or keynote

Experts, innovators, entrepreneurs and speakers receive endless requests to provide a free talk or presentation. From local networking forums to high profile charity events and conference promoters, the call goes out to raise your brand profile by providing your knowledge and expertise at no charge.

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