Trusting the process

Recently I’ve been taking notice of the rhythms of my business. I’m fortunate to have a lovely harmony between paid work and all my other roles – mum, wife, home manager, friend, avid book reader etc. Sometimes it feels like there’s too much work and almost immediately one or other project will push a deadline out or postpone a session for a week or two. When I let go of trying to work it all out, the Universe seems to arrange things perfectly, creating space where needed.

As the business expands I’m able to attract in and collaborate with talented people who compliment my own skills. I’m learning to trust this process, rather than over analyse or try to plan it all out.

I’ve noticed that brands, like people are most successful when they are comfortable with themselves – able to BE something amazing, rather than proving, striving and worrying. Letting go of how it will all unfold may be the greatest gift to your organisation. In the space created the organisation can attract in the work, clients and staff that really fit the brand purpose.

Imagine if all our organisations could trust the effortless grace of the Universe? Just as we trust the tides to rise and fall, the sun and moon to appear each day, the seasons to pass – all with their own rhythms and timing. What if each commercial enterprise knew that more work, clients or sales will come at exactly the right time? When we run our organisations purposefully – consciously aware of the choices we are making moment by moment we have an opportunity to tune into and trust this natural process.

Written By Fiona Pearman 



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