Vegemite: a lesson in brand story chutzpah!

How’s this for a perfect example of a brand connecting with and celebrating a bigger story.

Down under, we celebrate Australia Day on January 26 with a national holiday. This year, I was eating breakfast and doing a bit of lazy jar reading (as you do!) when I noticed this message on the Vegemite label. (For the uninitiated, Vegemite is an iconic Australian breakfast spread).


Didn’t have a clue what they meant but duly, turned the jar and saw this…


I hadn’t even noticed the change in label when I’d picked that jar off the shelf. (It normally looks like this..)


And baboom, I got it. Big smile, big connections: both for my history with this brand as an Aussie and for the sheer, wonderful chutzpah of a lowly breakfast spread hitching a ride on the good feelings and memories that come with a national  holiday.

Love that. And love the witty tagline (Australia: Proudly made from Vegemite since 1923)

I posted these pics with my Aussie Day greetings to all my pals and connections: effortless marketing I say!

Happy breakfast all!


By Moya Sayer-Jones

Moya is the Story Doctor  (@StoryDr)


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