Brand Illumination’s Vital Interiors

We’re on a mission to support you to create inspirational workplaces
which foster connection and creativity for the benefit of the people who work there,
your business and the customers you serve.

Bringing vitality to the workplace…

Are any of the following a high priority for your organization?

  • Attraction of the best and brightest talent to bring new thinking and diverse perspectives to the table
  • Retention and engagement of key talent to leverage their deep knowledge and inspire them to greater accomplishments
  • Equipping your people to be truly innovative, collaborative and achieve exponential results
  • Being a brand leader who is seen by clients, customers, industry and government as the go-to company to solve their problems
  • Addressing the complexities and challenges of the hybrid workplace, the desire of many to WFH and the need to make the most of in person connections

If any of these are important to you, one of the most powerful ways to meet these challenges is to create the spaces that inspire meaningful work and generate new approaches to deal with fast changing market dynamics.

What is the vision?

To co-create workplaces which crystalise all that your business stands for in an experiential way, and that is uniquely yours; spaces that support your people – the heartbeat of your brand – to show up as their best and most enthusiastic selves so they can deliver exponential results for your clients.

Why does this matter?

So many offices and workplaces have not considered the impact of their physical environment; they often feel like sterile soulless environments with fluorescent lighting and institutional paint jobs, featuring large floors broken up with a series of cubicle dividers housing run of the mill office furniture. Often they are spaces which people enter at the start of the day with a sense of dread as they grind through a sameness that is depressing and bland. The sheer effort required to get motivated feels overwhelming and mediocre or sub-standard work ensues. It’s depleting, draining and, post-Covid, somewhere many are doing their best to avoid whenever possible.

There’s a spiralling cost to all this. The personal cost to your people – whether they’re consciously aware of it or not is enormous – with sick days, absenteeism and staff churn rates – but there’s also another hidden cost: the negative impact on creativity and problem solving skills impacts the quality and accuracy of the work being produced.

A workplace that sings the values and purpose of an organisation is exciting and energising. It feels like a place I want to be part of and belong to; it naturally flows so that connections are easily made, anecdotal interactions lead to great ideas that immediately address live problems. The dynamic is contagious – it draws people together encouraging them to be more curious, more inventive and more interested in delivering work that goes beyond the ordinary. It speaks to your people’s grandest hopes and ensures they know they are contributing to something worthwhile. A carefully considered and designed workplace environment sparks connection, collaboration with a lightness and playfulness of spirit that is the birthplace of brilliance.

How does it work?

It begins with a deep dive into your ‘why’ – your brand purpose. It is a process of deep enquiry through conversations with people at all levels of the organisation as well as other external stakeholders to clarify – or perhaps even remember – why you are here: for your customers, your community and your staff.

This process takes time – usually two to three months – and can include a variety of intel gathering sources such as one-to-one conversations, facilitated group discussions, imaginative design round tables, synthesis sessions, some self-reflective work as well as research into the wider marketplace in which you operate.

The process uncovers your brand essence – why you exist and what that means for all – what it means to your people and your customers – and how the way you work, and the environment you create, can best support work that is regarded as the best in its field, that is the envy of competitors and demonstrates your brand leadership in every interaction and project.

We then work closely with you to brief and inspire specialised commercial space designers to develop a reimagined workspace which embodies your brand essence, your brand values and is an expression of your brand purpose.