BI-NEW-icons-3aA meaningful brand purpose engages, inspires and motivates people, generating a brand culture that ensures your business lives up to its brand promise. We work with you to develop a brand culture that people want to be a part of – employees AND customers.

Culture is a powerful force in organisations – it’s the reason things get done effortlessly – but it can also be the reason things get stuck and don’t work well. Creating a culture that truly lives and breathes the brand purpose at every point of interaction takes on-going commitment by everyone in the organisation.

The leaders in particular set the context and standard for culture; they are the role models and how they show up, their strengths and vulnerabilities, are all part of the organisation’s Leadership Culture. The Leadership Culture – the way the leaders interact and work together (or not), their ability to have the tough conversations and to hold different points of view – is the most powerful driver of organisational culture.

Brand CultureBrand Illumination works with leaders, boards, managers and employees – we get that the most challenging aspects of creating strong brand cultures are the elements that are ‘below the radar’ – what is often unseen, unheard or currently unknown. Conducting powerful facilitation sessions and mentoring or coaching individuals, we support greater awareness of each individual’s and each team’s responsibility in creating the organisation’s culture that delivers the brand purpose.

Working alongside you, together we identify the ways in which company, employee and customer values intersect and interact.  We bring that shared sense of meaning and connection to the fore, embedding your brand culture across all business activities.