BI-NEW-icons-5aThere are a lot of myths, promises, large budgets and disappointments in the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). At Brand Illumination, our primary focus for clients has always been to support you in creating and sharing high-quality content with your tribe or community – this is organic SEO and has proven over the long-term to be very effective. It is a world that is constantly changing and while we are always researching and building capability in this area, we also partner with other experts.

The tricky aspect of SEO is that it is never done; once your organisation achieves a high ranking, it takes ongoing focus and attention to maintain that position – including relevant updates, content and sharing across a targeted range of social media platforms, partner or affiliate sites, as well as a regularly refreshed website.

Creating a well-researched, integrated digital strategy, using online tactics such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Website Analytics, Paid Search, and Social Media significantly improves your organisation’s online presence, increasing search results rankings, drawing potential customers to your brand. From there, continual engagement with customers creates a worthwhile online brand experience that they want to repeat and share with others.

A website’s SEO ranking is built through value and relevance. This is measured in, among other benchmarks, ‘bounce rate’. If visitors are coming to a site and not finding what they are seeking, they will ‘bounce’ off. Your site has to make it easy for people to quickly find what they are looking for.

An SEO strategy includes regularly providing fresh content (blog posts, refreshed content on pages, social media updates); this improves value for your users AND gives search engines a reason to continually index the site and feature it in search results.

Creating a reason for customers to talk with you, ask questions and learn how your product or service will benefit them, will give them a reason to come back (to buy, learn more about you, or find helpful resources). AND regular visits with updated content results in experiences that are indexed more regularly by search engines.

Brand Illumination will help you build a content strategy that takes all these elements into account, guiding you through content and social media management tools that automate some of the updates making it easier to keep on top of regularly refreshing content.