How to write and share a blog that matters

Recently a client asked for some guidelines in creating a blog for their business and true to our own advice we are now sharing that information with you in this blog.

We’ve been writing blogs for Brand Illumination and for many client businesses for the last five years, and over time, we’ve defined a process that works well. We don’t dictate that everyone should follow every point – rather this is our suggested process. We encourage clients and readers to create their own version.

Blog creation process summary

  1. Identify topics that your community would value and find relevant & interesting    (how to’s in your area of expertise, interesting observations, current trends and news items are all good sparks for a creative blog.
  2. Write a short article – make it reader friendly – include tips, bullet points & sub-heading.
  3. Consider including a story to demonstrate a practical application for the idea.
  4. Brainstorm punchy, interesting possible titles to engage your audience’s attention – choose the best.
  5. Include relevant keywords and phrases so your blog performs well when people are searching the topic.
  6. Consider how to link the information in your blog to other relevant information sources (both within and beyond your blog).
  7. Create a CTA (call to action). Give the reader a next step or challenge at the end of your article or link to more information.
  8. Select an image that relates to the content.
  9. Get someone else to read it and ensure that the flow works well and there are no spelling or grammatical errors.
  10. Leave it for 24 hours and do a final edit.
  11. Determine which categories this blog fits (categories set up within your blog and you can add new ones).
  12. Write a short post for LinkedIn, Facebook & Google+ (up to 300 characters,    include #).
  13. Write 3-4 x tweets to post on Twitter (up to 140 characters).
  14. Select an image and use that in your blog and as a link from Pinterest.
  15. Publish your blog (preferably on your website or possibly your FB page) & post, tweet & pin to your audience.
  16. Monitor via analytics programs (Google & for each SM Platform) to see what your audience responds to and shares with their network.

Written by Fiona Pearman

At Brand Illumination we work with our clients to create a blog and publishing template to keep all the information on one document – please Contact Us if you’d like to know more.  If you’d like some training on how to set this up for your business, Kellie, our social media specialist, will be happy to work with you.

If you’re struggling to take your ideas to a finished blog, our writer Kylie, can take your ideas and write crisp, clear content for you (she can also do the posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all other social media platforms).


You are encouraged to share this post with your network via your preferred platform or to reprint the content without changes. If you wish to reprint, please include this information.

Shared with permission of Fiona Pearman, Brand Illumination Pty Limited.    T +61 2 9973 2696

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